Coming to an end

Because I’m avoiding packing, I figured now, during my last few days here, I would take the time to reflect on my experience in Arizona.

I came out here for the sole purpose of a job. I didn’t know anything about Arizona except for heat, desert, and cacti. Boy was I sheltered. Coming from the east coast, Florida was the place for retirees. I never knew Arizona was a snow-bird, golfing state. I love the dry heat (no frizzy hair) and moutains. I’m a huge scenery person and I love seeing the palm trees, sunshine and mountains. One of my regrets is not hiking one of the mountains out here but I overcame plenty of other obstacles or “mountains” during my time here.

Some people may come out here for the weather but I did not. I’m a people person, and while I met some great and some not so great people at work, I failed to meet people outside of work. I commend any person who moves to a new city and creates an entire life outside of their job. I believe that was one of the downsides of my experience out here. I was so consumed and wrapped up in work that I couldn’t get away because work was where my friends were. Living alone didn’t help much and I’m not the type to go to a bar by myself but hey at least my neighbors were nice.

Some of the not so nice people that I’ve met, cough Ursula cough cough, have showed me that no matter what, I need to remain positive. During my extreme boredness at work these past couple if day, I’ve observed her and I’ve concluded she is just an unhappy person but I don’t feel bad for her. I believe happiness is a choice and there are many reasons to be happy. However, some people sabotage their own happiness for attention, pity, affection, etc. No matter how much I hated work or my job or being so far away from family or having no friends, I always tried to remain positive and happy. I can thank my close support system for not letting me choose to be miserable or unhappy. Just remember, there’s always a silver lining to a bad situation and if there isn’t, make one.

For my friends at work, especially my sister-from-another-mister, I thank you and appreciate you. You put up with my moods, vents, smiles, and so much more. I cannot thank you enough for helping my get through this experience. However, I feel like you never got to know the real down to earth, happy go lucky me because I just hated life at work. I hope I made an good impression on you as a positive person, despite the negative situation. I also cannot thank my parents enough. They were my sanity during this experience. Distance really made me not only appreciate them more but maybe-possibly-kinda-ish love them more? You all and even Ursula have taught me something whether it was about “the office” and its politics, policies, and pros (and cons), enlighten me on west coast culture, or just a new lesson or experience.

Among those lessons, I’ve learned that the people that you work with play a MAJOR role in whether you like your work or not. I’ve learned about professionalism, how to handle certain situations such as conflict, and how to balance work and home, all of which I will continue to build and grow. I’ve also learned that I value honesty, communication, consistency, and structure in a company. I’ve learned some of what I like and what I don’t like when it comes to a job and workplace, that I can be independent and not live within driving distance of my parents, and no matter what, to be true to yourself. I’m removing myself from a toxic environment for my own happiness and growth.

The biggest thing I’m taking away from this experience is (as corny and cliche as it is), “believe in yourself.” I felt like this experience was a constant battle to see if I could be broken and beat down. I mustered my confidence, found an outlet (my writing), and leaned on friends and family, and got through this “battle.” I believed in my talents and took pride in my work and no one, not even Ursula, can take that away from me. There will always be people trying to tear you down but the big word in that phrase is “trying.” Never let them win. Stand up and believe in yourself.

That’s why in the long run, I know I’ve won.



The countdown begins…

Well I can finally say it… I gave my two weeks notice yesterday!! I was nervous as hell but I handed Ursula my letter of resignation, told her I was “homesick” and that my last day would be April 10th. The amount of relief I feel is probably equivalent to that of lying in a cabana with a Pina Colada while looking at the Caribbean. 

She was actually somewhat nice because she probably feels like “she has won.” BUT in the long run, I know I’ve won. All the blood, sweat, tears, vents, happy hours, bitch fits, etc. were all worth it because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now I can be ignored for a reason!

I am actually being ignored and I wouldn’t notice it so much, if I wasn’t watching the paint dry on the walls. I walked through some of my duties with the receptionist, whom I might add did not take notes, but that was the extent of my day. I did, however, take some joy in the fact that she did not take note. Have fun with your new pet Ursula, I’ll be sitting here counting the fibers in the carpet!

Tomorrow marks 17 days until I’m out of the job from hell, Arizona which is at times hot as hell, and away from the Ursula, the boss of hell. A reflection of my time is soon to come, until then keep on keeping on people!Image

What do you do all day?

That same question has angered, overwhelmed, confused, and upset me, all at the same time. I haven’t written in a long time because I’ve been focused on other opportunities but adding job hunting to my already crazy corporate world has taken a big toll on me.

I’ve been experiencing the emotional roller coaster of job hunting. You know, getting your hopes up after a phone interview then not hearing for 2 weeks, then finally contacting them to get an email reply that says they have found a “candidate that better fits their qualifications and has more experience.” Dagger.

Add in the fact that work has been emotionally draining, a death in the family that I cannot be there for because flights cost an arm, a leg, some DNA, hair extensions, and feeling friendless, I’m pretty much one post away from pulling a coach and quitting on the spot (but I know I’d never have the guts to do it).

The most recent work drama actually occurred at a happy hour. I was catching up with a coworker and coach (whom I haven’t seen since she quit). It started out as normal girl talk and drinks until my coworker said “Oh I meant to tell you somethings about work…”

Long story short, basically people at work have been questioning what I do all day, why I’m at the company, why the company has spent thousands of dollars on video and Mac equipment and I’ve only made 2 videos, complaining of me being quiet during meetings, why I ask for help (from IT) when I’m supposed to be some expert know-it-all fresh from college and I should know how to do those things, etc.

Needless to say it was not the happiest of hours. I was hurt, angry, discouraged, disappointed, broken, and needed a massive refill of my margarita. Hearing my good friend say these things that people who do not even know me have said, really solidified the fact that I do not fit in with my current company. Clearly other people do not have guts to tell people things to their face but have really big opinions. I can break down each of these complaints and pose an argument…

1. What do I do all day? Honestly, any tasks that Ursula has given me has been completed. However, I find myself a lot of the time looking for things to keep myself busy because Ursula does not give me tasks everyday. She also has not provided guidance to me since I’ve started so taking my own initiative in an industry and company that I know nothing about is what I’ve been doing. I am fully prepared to give anyone a list of tasks I’ve done in the past, such as the newsletter, social media management, flyers and brochures, birthday cards, and more.

2. I want direction. I’ve had a video marketing proposal done since October that no one has seen before because it, along with our marketing proposal, never happened. I have ideas for videos but I need direction and collaboration. This is supposed to be a team effort, not just me so that my friend, is why there have been only 2 videos. So until we starting collaborating, the video equipment and my proposal will probably remain still.

3. People have said I’m too quiet and do not say a thing in meetings, which I have talked about in previous posts because I was upset about this fact. But, yes that is true, I am quiet during meetings because I have no idea what they are talking about. If I was included on emails prior to the meeting, I would be more involved. I am quiet because I am trying to learn about whatever the subject that they are speaking of and have failed to inform me on. My quietness is not defiance, it is listening, try it.

4.  I never came into the job saying “I was a video expert” or “I am a know-it-all.” I just graduated college, I am an expert beer bonger and hangover healer. You assumed that I was an expert at these new media aspects because Ursula does not know how to do any of them. I came in with the attitude that I want to learn as much as I can so when you want to teach me, please do so because I will be ready to listen. I think these complainers have been listening to Ursula talk behind my back and giving people false impressions of me.

5. One of the IT (yes Information Technology) guys has been complaining about why I ask him for help. I ask him for help when it comes to editing photographs and signatures. I do not have Photoshop on my computer, despite my attempts to get it, so I cannot edit photographs. I do not know how one edits signatures but I am willing to learn so please sensei teach me before you complain about me.

I apologize for the vent and slightly bitchy tone of voice but I cannot stand having my work ethic questioned by 1. people who do not know the situation 2. people who do not know me (yes that’s my inner Bon Qui Qui) 3. people who have no idea what they are talking about. I should not have to come into work wondering who is watching me or having justify myself to everyone.

I feel like work is this mind game where I am being watched and have to read people’s minds to find out what the right thing to do is. I already feel like I can’t be myself, now I can never do any thing right because I’m constantly being beat down. Let’s just say my “Can’t keep me down” playlist has been playing on repeat. Also, I really should make a “Stay positive” drinking game because if I took a shot every time someone told me to do that, I’m be drunk all the time.

Friday @ 5: Twenty-FIVE things I could be doing while my boss is at a meeting

I love Fridays but damn, yesterday went by so SLOW! I felt like I was at work for 15 hours instead of 8. But anyway, Ursula met with our sales manager to discuss the major marketing campaign of the year. Was I included? Pssh of course not but it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I, instead, thought of things that I would rather be doing while being excluded from a meeting…

1. Be at my sister from another mister’s wedding in the Dominican Republic. (Congratulations to you two!)

2. Online shop for a new satchel 

3. Getting sun burnt by the pool (it’s 80 degrees outside)

4. Look up J. Law GIFS, interviews, and pictures. We’re BFFs

5. Creep on old friends and exes on every social media site

6. Instagram food from Weight Watchers diet #healthy #clean #eating #gagme

7. Working out… Sick joke. I mean looking up potential workouts on the internet

8. Watching Pitch Perfect interviews, deleted scenes, and best moments. When J. Law is filming movies, Rebel Wilson is my BFF.

9. Browse puppy websites from my future dog

10. Book a vacation to some place near an ocean, one of the downsides to AZ

11. Babysit Honey Boo Boo

12. Have tea with Kate Middleton… offer babysitting services

13. Apply to jobs

14. Be on Pinterest 

15. More shopping but this time for dresses for Spring and Summer

16. Sleeping, duh

17. Happy hour, second duh.

18. Stop world hunger

19. Plan my parents’ anniversary party

20. Shop at Ikea or Hobby Lobby — though that could be HOURS!

21. Hang out with Giuliana Rancic (one of my idols) and offer my babysitting services

22. Play volleyball. I miss it SO much!

23. Finish reading my book on my sNookie

24. Snapchat all of my contacts

And last but not least…

25. Maybe be a part of the meeting? Maybe? Perhaps? Possibly? Because we’re the marketing team? Just a little bit?


Happy Weekend y’all!

And the winner is…

As we all know, the Academy Awards took place last night. All of Hollywood’s elite were out in full force in couture gowns and tailored suits, a gift bag filled with over $47,000 worth of stuff was given out to all the guests, and naked gold men were handed out to the best of the best… as if we could be anymore jealous of celebrities. If only the “real world” would take note and be like the Oscars on a daily basis.  

Even though I found last night’s telecast boring, besides anything to do with Jennifer Lawrence (LOVE LOVE LOVE her), the Oscars can be translated into a topic that every recent college grad should discuss with their employer, “how is success measured in the workplace?”

Actors get Oscars or a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, singers get Grammys, and so on and so forth. So what do YOU get for being successful in your work place? How do you know if you are being successful? Ask these questions during the interview process. They will help you decide if you want to be a part of the company.

Firstly, you should ask, “what does a successful first year look like?” Asking this question shows that you and your boss are on the same page on what it takes to be successful in your position. You will know what actions and steps you’ll need to successfully make an impact on the company. You’ll also show off your inner over-achiever. 

Once you know what exactly you have to do to be successful, you’ll have a better understanding of how success is measured at the company. However, it is better to ask because, this way, your boss will reveal what values he or she really cares about. Does your boss value customer service or how many reports you file? You will know what it takes to succeed.

Just remember to keep pushing yourself and your limits. Success is a direct correlation to hard work. And in the words of Drake…

Optimistically Postive

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

After a weekend of bridal functions such as a bachelorette party, a bridal shower (both of which were a surprise), and a bridesmaid dress fitting (for a different wedding), I am back and will be regularly writing. On a side note, my first events as a bridesmaid went beautifully and I am so excited for the upcoming nuptials.

Keeping with the excitement and happiness, a fellow Viking, Lisa Phillips (@WkaFlkaPhillips) gave my the inspiration for this post. She asked, “There has to be some positives of post grad/working life, right?” And that got me thinking, “Alex, stop focusing on the drama at work for once and focus on what is positive.” Thank goodness my self is so smart. So here are the positives of being a recent graduate in the working world.

First of all, there is no homework. Try and grasp your mind around this okay? You leave work, come home, and you do not have to bring home any work. You’re done. There is no studying, writing papers, grades, tests, etc. It’s a beautiful thing to know that homework does not exist because work does not exist at your home (unless you work from home but that’s a different story). However, still utilize your time management skills, they’re crucial.

Secondly, you get paid to be there. During college, you pay them for you to go there. At work, they pay you to be there. Hopefully it is something that you are remotely interested in and you enjoy some aspects of your job. The fact that you get paid money to be at work is much better than spending a large, debt-accumulating amount of money to go to class. Paid vacation is even better, it’s like heaven.

Thirdly, you had to know I was going to mention happy hour? It’s my favorite time of the day. You are encouraged to go. I mean it is considered networking right?

The fourth positive is for my ladies and fashionably-inlcined men. You get to experience a whole new yuppie-chic wardrobe. You can look cute for a reason. Yes, wearing yoga pants everyday to class was great but putting some effort into your appearance makes you feel good. H&M, New York and Company, and Express have super cute clothes. In the words of Tim Gunn, “make it work!”

Lastly, there is a whole new respect level for us. I know it’s a hard, transitional period but there is hope. We’re supposed to be finding ourselves and learning everything we can. There is still so much ahead of us that our first job is supposed to be where we act as a sponge and absorb all the information we can. People do respect that you are trying and willing to learn. Yes, even after college the learning doesn’t stop but you can also learn at your pace and choose what you want to learn more about. Having this freedom allows us to become the professional that we want to be in the future.

If you can never find a positive, there is always wine. Happy hump day!


Friday @ 5: 5 reasons I love real world Valentine’s Day

Happy belated Valentine’s Day. I’ve never had a Valentine but I’m not a bitter bitch either, but I can support a holiday that celebrates love and promotes chocolate. Yesterday was my first corporate Valentine’s Day and even though my diet went to hell, I actually enjoyed it, here are my reasons why:

1. Did I mention chocolate? Chocolate was going around the office faster than the common cold and I loved it. I would rather have chocolate than coffee in the morning, it just makes you feel good!

2. People give other people gifts, who then share them with you. So my sista from anotha mista got little mini cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes and sweet lord have mercy, they were to die for. Her jeweler gave them to her so she shared them with me. This is why she is my friend.

3. You can say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! You know when you’re walking down the hallway and someone is coming the opposite way as you but it’s too far to say HI, but you already made eye contact? SO AWKWARD. But now instead of saying an awkward “hi,” you can just say Happy Valentine’s Day! Who knew the holiday could make the office less awkward.

4. People get flowers and the office looks and smells amazing. I’ve never gotten flowers but other people at work did and they were gorgeous. Their men did a good job! The office looked like a pretty garden and smelled awesome (instead of like stall cat piss). 

5. There are people who are more bitter than me. Now I know misery loves company, but there is something comforting about knowing that there are people out there who are more unhappy than you (that sounds a lot meaner than I meant it to). I believe happiness is a choice but there are definitely times when I feel like “damn my life sucks right now.” But knowing the fact that some people think their life sucks a lot more than me, makes me feel better. Self-centered I know but I’m a Leo, whatever. 

 Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!Image