Colby Buss leads Towson Men’s Rugby to success as a supervisor and president

It is November 13, 2010. Colby Buss wakes up at 8 am and makes himself a breakfast that consists of eggs and cheese, a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, oatmeal, and orange juice.

Colby Buss laces up his cleats for practice

After he finishes eating, he showers, just like he does before every rugby game. Packing is the next thing to do. He runs through his mental checklist, which includes socks, spanks, shorts, under armor, and jerseys.

At 10 am, he meets up with his teammates at Burdick Hall. They divide up into different cars and drive to Severna Park, Maryland to play Georgetown in the Potomac Rugby Union Semifinals.

“You always get butterflies [before a game],” Buss said. “I felt confident. We had only allowed six points over five games and we were 18-2 over the last year.”

To help calm the butterflies, Towson Men’s Rugby concludes their warm ups, which includes running laps, plyometrics, and stretching, by getting a circle. They begin to alternate their left and right feet and begin to yell “Zusha!”

“Zusha” means “bring it” in Kenyan. A player stands in the middle of the circle yelling , “We will hunt. We will kill,” as the circle of other players yells “Zusha.” This pre-game tradition helps pump up the team.
The tradition worked its magic because Towson defeated Georgetown, who started the season ranked #4 in the country, 47-17. Towson became nationally ranked #7 after that win, continuing their undefeated record of 6-0.

“I knew if we played our game then we would have nothing to worry about,” Buss said.

Towson earned 193 points and only allowed six going into the semifinals against Georgetown. The team would play archrival, Salisbury, whom Towson defeated earlier in the season, on November 14.

Towson came up short, losing to Salisbury 19-13 in the PRU Championship. However, the team did not lose its confidence. Buss as President has already begun to hold conditioning practices for the Spring semester.

Colby oversees a drill at practice

With the Fall season over, Buss now has more time to devote to his job as a sports club supervisor at Campus Recreation Services. With serving such crucial roles, including sports club supervisor and president of the rugby team, he has earned the respect of many people, especially the Towson Men’s Rugby coach, Don Stone.

“Colby is one of the hardest working people on the team,” Stone said. “The club wouldn’t be on the level it is without him. He is also the only people on the team who can date [one of] my daughters.”

Buss, who began playing rugby his freshman year of college after checking out the sport club table at the involvement in the gym, spends many hours working hard on the field, as well as in Burdick Hall, Room 150. Nonetheless, many tasks from his job as a supervisor help him as president.

“I know the ins and outs of the Sports Club,” Buss said. “Both jobs are complimentary. I know how to get things done. Being a supervisor makes my job as president easier because they go hand-in-hand.”

Buss will be graduating in the Spring of 2011. He will not only take away the memories of playing rugby but also many skills that he acquired while being president.

“Being president helps develop responsibility and it will help out in the long run,” Buss said. “The management skills are transferable to real life and will help me with any job.”


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