Towson University Men’s Rugby uses tradition and brotherhood to achieve victory

The Towson University Men’s Rugby team is much more than just a sport club, it is a brotherhood. The rugby team began in 1975 when Craig Dobkin, Ron Stringer, and Mat McGlone put an ad in the Towerlight. After the first meeting, Towson State Rugby Football Club was officially formed.

The team has grown since then. It now has two teams, A Side and B Side, and both teams have celebrated victories this season.

During the Fall 2010 season, the team was ranked #7 in the country after defeating Georgetown in the Potomac Rugby Union semifinals. This past year has been one of the most successful for the team.

“We had only allowed six points over five games and we were 18-2 over the last year,” Colby Buss, club president and team captain, said.

Hard work and dedication are not the only things that help the team achieve victory. Superstition and tradition give the players a sense of pride and comfort. For example, the team yells “Zusha, we will hunt, we will kill,” while in a circle, before every game to get pumped up and excited.

This tradition is one of the team’s many. They also give rookie haircuts, which are completely voluntary, and almost every player has a nickname. Through tradition, the team achieves success, as well as bonds as brothers. It’s hard to believe that this club all started with one ad in the school paper.

“Once you’re on the team, you’re part of a brotherhood, like it’s just your family now, there’s no way around it,” Nick Hartzell, junior, said.


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