Friday @ 5: 5 TV bosses that I’d love to have

So like a boyfriend fantasizing about a supermodel instead of his girlfriend, I’ve fantasized about what bosses from TV I’d love to have instead of Ursula. Here’s the list that I came up with:

1. Michael Scott, The Office
Michael = 80% “distracting others,” 19% “procrastination,” and 1% “critical thinking.” He’s laid back and believes that his office is the “party” branch. He treats his employees like family and loves to joke around. As long as my cube is next to Dwight’s, I’ll be fine!

2. Ron Swanson, Parks and Rec
ron-swanson-picHe is one of the smart men to ever live – he lets women do the work. He lets Leslie do her thing and sits back and enjoys his bacon-wrapped shrimp. He’s like the father you’ve always wanted.

3. Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty
willie-robertson-duck-dynasty-gallery-325Yee-haw baby! I’m a redneck at heart and my inner redneck would love to work for Willie. Set around all day making duck calls while drinking sweet tea out of a Mason jar all day? Or go fishing instead? Sign me up! Always I would be highly entertained by Uncle Si.

4. Ari Gold, Entourage
ari-506x316He’s one brutal son of a beach but I’ll be damned it he doesn’t make shit happen. He’s cutthroat and bad to the bone but if he cares about you, he’ll do whatever it takes for you to be successful (and himself) – awesome teamwork dynamic.

5. Captain Kirk, Star Trek
imagesIn all honesty, William Shatner was hot back in the day and I would really love to fly a spaceship, and “beam” to places.

Live long and prosperous peeps!


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