Friday @ 5: Twenty-FIVE things I could be doing while my boss is at a meeting

I love Fridays but damn, yesterday went by so SLOW! I felt like I was at work for 15 hours instead of 8. But anyway, Ursula met with our sales manager to discuss the major marketing campaign of the year. Was I included? Pssh of course not but it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I, instead, thought of things that I would rather be doing while being excluded from a meeting…

1. Be at my sister from another mister’s wedding in the Dominican Republic. (Congratulations to you two!)

2. Online shop for a new satchel 

3. Getting sun burnt by the pool (it’s 80 degrees outside)

4. Look up J. Law GIFS, interviews, and pictures. We’re BFFs

5. Creep on old friends and exes on every social media site

6. Instagram food from Weight Watchers diet #healthy #clean #eating #gagme

7. Working out… Sick joke. I mean looking up potential workouts on the internet

8. Watching Pitch Perfect interviews, deleted scenes, and best moments. When J. Law is filming movies, Rebel Wilson is my BFF.

9. Browse puppy websites from my future dog

10. Book a vacation to some place near an ocean, one of the downsides to AZ

11. Babysit Honey Boo Boo

12. Have tea with Kate Middleton… offer babysitting services

13. Apply to jobs

14. Be on Pinterest 

15. More shopping but this time for dresses for Spring and Summer

16. Sleeping, duh

17. Happy hour, second duh.

18. Stop world hunger

19. Plan my parents’ anniversary party

20. Shop at Ikea or Hobby Lobby — though that could be HOURS!

21. Hang out with Giuliana Rancic (one of my idols) and offer my babysitting services

22. Play volleyball. I miss it SO much!

23. Finish reading my book on my sNookie

24. Snapchat all of my contacts

And last but not least…

25. Maybe be a part of the meeting? Maybe? Perhaps? Possibly? Because we’re the marketing team? Just a little bit?


Happy Weekend y’all!


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