Worst Dressed

Okay, I’m not Carrie Bradshaw or anything but I like to think I know a thing or two about fashion. Because I like and care about fashion, I have fashion pet peeves and they got worse when I entered the “real world.” Some of the things that people wear I’m just… flabbergasted (I really wanted to use that word). Here are few of my not so “business casual” pet peeves that should never be seen in the work place.

1. A wise person once told me, “black and blue should never be seen unless in the washer machine.” NAVY blue and black should never be worn together, YOU LOOK LIKE A BRUISE. So please, no navy blue pants with a black belt and shoes.











2. Black and brown. It’s just wrong. Pick one dark color or the other.


3. There’s this one employee who wears kitten heels, which is only a 1.5 inch heel. But they are the kitten heels that your stripper grandmother wears. They have fake rhinestones and are obnoxious colors. This is not the senior citizen ball and you cannot walk in them. Just go barefoot.


4. Speaking of shoes, wearing socks with sandals should never, ever, ever happen.










I’ve seen all of these “faux pas” in my office over the past couple months. I’m going to write a book about business casual and what to wear to work so it can be given as a manual to all employees. But if you feel like a bruise, are wearing two dark colors, are wearing short stripper heels, or see socks where your toes should be, then change!


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