Friday @ 5 (even though it’s Sunday): 5 drinking games to do during an audit

I’m really sorry for being MIA this week. My sista from another mista’s bachelorette party was last night so this week was full of planning and many trips to Spencer’s. Now I’m thrown back to reality and Sunday will definitely do that to you.

But this coming Tuesday, I will be experiencing another corporate first, I will experience my first corporate audit. So basically the state is coming in to make sure we are doing everything  correctly. I even had to sign an audit contract to make sure I would be on my best behavior. So obviously my college self sees these rules and automatically thinks “wow this would make a great drinking game.” Here is the audit drinking game I came up with…

1. Every time you hear the words, auditors, procedures, inspection, violation, and law. Drink.

2. Every time there is a violation. Drink.

3. Every time a law is referenced. Drink.

4. Every time someone says “Shit we’re screwed.”

5. You’re going through an audit and stressing out about passing. Drink!!



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