As if being a work isn’t bad enough, try adding a stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, and the voice of Peter Brady during puberty and that pretty much describes me today. Yup, I was that guy who constantly blew their nose every 5 seconds (sorry not sorry).

So that leads me to this post: How not to get sick at work!

1. Stay away from the sicklings! Rule of thumb says to stay at least 6 feet away from a sick person so cut the hugs and opt for an air five!

2. Wash your hands. Um duh. That’s self explanatory. 

3. Clorox your cubicle. Clorox wipes are will kill all of the germs on your desk that are waiting to infect you. Germs are everywhere so arm yourself against them!

4. Cover your mouth when you sneeze and/or cough. Another kindergarten lesson. If you do not to this regularly, that’s just foul. 

5. If you get sick, stay home! It’s not the ideal day off but it’s a reason to be lazy. 

Now my friends, I’m going to make myself a nightcap of some NyQuil, a spritz of Mucinex, and topped with some throat drops.Image

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