Friday @ 5: 5 reasons I don’t want to hear “There’s drama everywhere you go”

Sorry this post is late. A coworker played at a bar last night and you should check him out! Anyway, ever since I’ve been thrown into this drama-filled real world, all I’ve been hearing is “there is drama everywhere you go.” Well you know what, I’m sick of hearing it and here are my reasons why:

1. Negative Nancy, nice to meet you. I’m a positive person and I try to be upbeat about life. However, dealing with all this drama at work has taken its toll on me. I’m obviously exploring other options and I want to be excited about them. I’m young and new to this whole corporate thing so the negative Nancy who says “well there’s drama everywhere you go” is such a buzzkill and really gives a depressing outlook on my future.

2. It’s just an excuse. I feel like people use this phrase because they actually hate their job and just want to generalize everyone else. Misery loves company. It’s like their thinking, “well if I make myself believe that there is drama everywhere, I’ll feel better about myself.” Yeah, no, I don’t think so.

3. Frenemies. Some people love drama so obviously they’ll stir the pot every chance they get. Simple solution: Separate yourself from them. I’ve learned at a young age to avoid this type of person and ignore the drama. If there is going to be drama, stay far away from it.

4. Why don’t you do something about it? If you’re sick of the drama, do something. Isn’t that what HR is there for? If HR doesn’t help then being looking for another job. Your happiness and sanity are worth more than petty office drama.

5. Did I mention.. that this phrase discourages the rest of the newbs? We get it, corporate America isn’t as awesome as college so can we focus on the positives of it? Thanks!


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