Aside: Meeting the agenda

During my quest to conquer the real world, I’ve been a part of a lot of meetings. Since coach left, Ursula and I (when I’m invited) have been in several meetings together. One reoccurring aspect of these meetings is the agenda. However, during these recent meetings, I’ve noticed that Ursula comes in with her own agenda and I find out what the agenda is until after the meeting has already started.

So for us real world rookies (say that 5 times fast), how should we deal with a team member who has their own agenda?

When I come into a meeting, I want to at least be mentally prepared for what will be discussed. I don’t want to come in looking like a ra-tard.  We’re supposed to be a team, so if we’re going to have one agenda, let it be OURS not just YOURS.

What I’ve recently been doing in trying to keep Ursula updated on all my projects. If I give a little, maybe she’ll give a little. I use my notes from a previous meeting, make a check list of my projects, then boom, boom, boom, I check them off. Keeping her updated also keeps open communication, which we are trying to work on.

Through this communication, I’ve also learned to ask a lot of questions. Welp, if you’re not going to include me, I’ll include myself. I was a journalism major so asking questions just comes naturally. When it comes to the business aspects, I just keep quiet and soak it up like a sponge. But when it comes to the creative aspect or intentions and fairness, I try and speak up. I’m finding my voice (not just through this blog) more.

I’m going to use these tactics on Thursday because we have a marketing meeting. I think, because I don’t have an agenda, that this may be the “big” marketing meeting that we will finally present the proposal. But that’s also “hers” so who am I kidding.


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