The Hunger Games is a lot like job hunting

Okay, jobseekers aren’t a group of children stuck in a giant arena fighting it out to the death, all for the entertainment of a nation. But the parallels between the Hunger Games and job hunting are there.

Yes, the tributes are the jobseekers. Both groups want one thing, to be successful. However, their ideas of success are a little different. Jobseekers want to get a job and make it out of unemployment alive while the tributes just want to make it out alive. 

The reaping is like the application process. Your name (or resume) is submitted and it’s picked out by Effie Trinket (or the hiring manager). Those tributes, we’ll just call them jobutes, are selected to move forward to the interview process.

The interview process is actually sort of like how it is in the Hunger Games, except, sadly, Stanley Tucci isn’t the interviewer every time. Just like Katniss and Peeta, you want to show off your skills during this process, whether your skills include archery, camouflage, or Microsft Office. 

The actual Hunger Games arena death match is pretty much what goes on in the mind of the hiring manager when deciding who is the right candidate for the job. Then finally after all the blood, sweat, and tears, you get that magical phone call and BOOM you transform into Katniss because you’ve been hired!!

I’ve recently dabbled my feet back into the job hunting waters and I plan on being as resilient and hard working as Katniss. Through this comparison, there are many lessons, tips, and pieces of advice. Now while my hair is too short to braid to the side, I plan on kicking some Capitol bootay and find a new job!

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