The Power of Words

We all know the phrase: “Actions speak louder than words.” But let’s be honest, words can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to what kind of day you’re having. Words made every bit the difference in my day today.

The words “my, I, and mine” almost brought me to tears during a meeting with Ursula and a third party consultant. Ursula made a point to say “…my proposal…” AKA the marketing department proposal that WE, as in both of us, were supposed to be working on, “…the flyers that I create…” AKA I’m chopped liver and have clearly do not contribute creatively, and “…Onboarding presentation? That’s mine…” AKA I’m the backup for her with Onboarding, which is our new hire process, and I didn’t do anything to help the team.

Those three words just pushed me off the edge during the meeting. I was originally upset because no words were spoken or exchanged about the goal, topic, and reason for the meeting. So I looked like a complete idiot not knowing anything for the meeting. Speaking of not speaking words, the consultant probably thinks I’m a mute because I did not say a word during the meeting. 

Words of love, support, and encouragement from my friends and family made me feel better throughout the day. Then came another blow of words that I do not wish to disclose but let’s just say they brought my spirit so far down that I began tearing up at my desk.  I don’t deserve to be beat down by anyone, even if I am the low man on the totem pole. 

So now hear my words, “Now matter if you are a senior executive director or the assistant to the assistant’s assistant, you do not deserve to be pushed down and made to feel that you are worthless. You have your own talents and skills, be proud of them.” When I went to talk to the company coach, he said, “You can be your toughest critic. If you can look in the mirror and meet your own expectations, then what more can you do?”

With that said, kick ass and take names people.

Also, if you’re hiring…

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