2 weeks notice bucket list

Fun fact of the day: I beat the CEO, company coach, and jack of all trades in to work this morning! How ’bout them apples?!

Now back to your regular scheduled programming. 

We are 3 days into post-coach work environment and quite frankly, work is really mellow now. I’m not saying that it still is not frustrating. I still feel like I’m walking on egg shells but there is not a wall of tension in the department. There has also been no drama, which is nice. However, with work being so dare I say “calm,” I have little writing material but fear not, I shave some ideas about topics in my noggin. 

Let’s paint the scene. You just gave your boss your two weeks notice (hopefully you have a new job) and they are probably not happy about it. However, that is little of your concern because you’re leaving anyway! Here are some ideas of tasks or activities to accomplish before you leave the company AKA the 2 weeks notice bucket list.

1. Throw a pile of papers up in the air in the middle of the room and watch them fall. 

2. Wear sweatpants to work.

3. Have a couple (I mean like at least 5) brewskis at lunch with your favorite coworkers.

4. Give your boss a piece of your mind (hey what are exit interviews for?).

5. Two words: office pranks. Enough said.

6. Raid the supply closet.

7. Create an out of office message on your last day saying “See ya never!”

8. To those people who made your job miserable, photoshop their face on Mama June’s body form Honey Boo and post around the office. I recommend the Bingo Face

9. Send a goodbye email. Think of it as your graduation speech. 

10. Deliver flowers to yourself to show that “you’ll be missed.”

These are the things that I come up with at work. I am the definition of productivity. Comment below if you have any other ideas!

Oh and another fun fact of the day: we still have not presented our marketing proposal. I hope I can video tape that meeting. Anyway, Dance Moms is about to come on. Some people use sex, others use alcohol and drugs but  I need reality television to feel good about myself. 


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