Friday at 5 (or 10, depending on time zone): 5 ways to make a horrible day better

Today’s post is going to be on the short size because after this hectic week, I’m exhausted, mentally, physically, spiritually, and any other “ly” words. 5 ways to make your day better is not a scientific post and it doesn’t include any credible links because these 5 ways are all based on my personal feelings, opinions, and experiences. After the week I’ve had, these are more than just 5 ways to make a horrible day better, they are 5 ways to keep my sanity.

1. Music. My headphones are attached to my body when I’m in a bad mood at work. Music surrounds me and I’m in my own world. The lyrics speak the words for me and help me feel better. Music passes no judgement and puts me at ease. I have my own playlist on Spotify appropriately called FeedGood.

2. Go for a walk. Exercising release happy endorphins so scientifically walking will help you feel better. However, I always prefer to take a time out from a horrible situation and recollect, regroup, and reexamine. Taking a step back helps me figure out what my next step forward will be.

3. Call a friend, family member, anybody, and tell them how much you appreciate them. Making someone else’s day better will help you feel better about yourself. Knowing that you made someone feel good will make you feel good.

4. Google memes, gifs, YouTube clips, anything that will make you laugh. I prefer Sofia Grace and Rosie on Ellen, Jenna Marble, and of course Honey Boo Boo. is also a great site for a good laugh. Taking my mind of the bad and focusing on laughing and smiling (two of my favorite things) helps me feel like myself again.

5. Speaking of

I believe happiness is a choice and these 5 things help me remember why I choose to be a happy person. The fact that it’s Friday and I do not have to set and alarm tomorrow also make me happy.


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