Breaking Point

Well ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened. Our coach left the marketing department this afternoon. She hit her breaking point today. Her guidance, expertise, experience, ideas, drive and so much more will be missed, especially by me. I was her protegee. I was a sponge ready to absorb knowledge and learn everything and anything I could. 

So now what?

It’s me and Mutey Mute now. We haven’t talked all week and haven’t collaborated on a project in a while. We have our first one-on-one meeting tomorrow. I’m actually very nervous, not only to be left alone with her in the future but I’m nervous that she will bombard me with accusations while holding a grudge about the past couple months.

My dad’s advice was some of the best advice. “If she start attacking you, just say, “Look I’m not here to live in the past. Coach is gone and we have to move forward.” Since I’m still working on professional confrontation, I may for once follow my parent’s advice. Crazy and desperate, I know.

Coach leaving is not only a breaking point but a turning point. We’re only 10 days into 2013 and shit has already hit the fan. Who knows what tomorrow will hold. Hopefully my 10am meeting will give me some inclination.

I have to take my sister from another mister to the airport tomorrow. Depending on how the morning goes at work, I may be hoping on a plane with her. Here goes nothing. Image

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