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Happy hump day y’all!

I hope everyone is having fabulous week so far. Mine was full of silent treatments, tears, and passive aggressive. Rereading that sentence, my week sounds like a PMSing woman who is one hormone away from clearing out the Ben and Jerry’s shelf at 711. Anyway, the topic I want to discuss has fueled and become a part of the silent treatments and the passive aggressive behavior. It’s email. Email is the corporate version of texting.

2.8 million emails are sent every second. Email has become the lone form of commutation of my department due to one person on my team giving the rest of us the silent treatment. The three of us must resort to email to communicate with one another. If I could post some of the emails that I have seen during my 5 months at the company, you’d think my last post (Those are fights words) was just about the emails.

The silent treatment team member, we’ll just call her Mutey Mute (I hope you all recognize my semi-Honey Boo Boo reference), replies to my emails but she makes a point to avoid and not answer our other team member’s emails, we’ll call her Glitzy. Say hello to delivery and read receipts! The blatant avoidance and passive aggressiveness is all a part of the piss contest that is my department. When Mutey Mute does reply to Glitzy, it inlcudes a whole bunch of attiude followed by a smiley face emoticon, ya know just to make it all just peachy.

Here poses my question: Email is all about interpretation, so how do you know when and how to answer an email to someone who is all about the silent treatment and passive aggressive behavior?

What I’ve found is that with corporate email comes a whole bunch of etiquette rules. If these rules are not followed, problems develop. I’ve noticed that the sassy and rude behavior follows over to face-to-face interaction. All in all, email mirrors face-to-face interaction and if that interaction is unpleasant, welp here comes full out war.

The battle tactic, I mean advice, that I follow is just answer all emails that pertain to projects I am working, or have worked on, answer professionally, and always be polite. I just want to stay out of the drama and all of us get along, then unicorns and CareBears will helps us develop our marketing proposal. Funny story, our marketing proposal is due tomorrow and we have not yet communicated about it. That’ll be Friday’s post.

Anyway, email is not the place to handle corporate conflicts. My department has deeper issues beyond email but my point of this is that use email for good and not evil! I’d rather avoid a problem then solve it so avoid misinterpretation and miscommunication, be straightforward but courteous. When it comes to answering emails, if I don’t have a professional response or do not have the proper answer, I do not response or I follow up with someone who can answer the question. Email is trackable so have documentation that proves that you tried to help and did your best.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and please pray for our marketing meeting tomorrow, which takes place at approximately 1:30 Arizona time.


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