Friday at 5 (belated): 5 reasons to go to happy hour

My apologies for my the delay of this post. I was caught up in a wedding weekend, even though there wasn’t an actual wedding. I have the honor of being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding, which is in June, so bridal shower and bachelorette party planning have commenced. Clearly I’m the most helpful bridesmaid as I’m in Arizona and everyone else is in a 3 hour radius of Delaware, where the wedding is. I was also honored to be a part of my big sister from another mister’s first wedding dress fitting! Andrea is one the of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen and she was covered in pins and clips while the seamstress did her thing. Now let’s just hope her dress will be ready in time for her March 1 wedding in Punta Cana!

Anyway, even though I wish I was in Punta Cana right now, I’m going to take you back to Friday at 4:54 pm. You know the feeling, the seconds on the clock creep on by like an 89-year-old crossing main street, you reread the last email you received to take up time, and after you read it 10 times, you begin to refresh your Twitter feed every other second. Finally the clock hits 5 PM and you’re outta there like a bat out of hell on your way to the happiest of hours.

I’ve always been a fan of happy hour ever since I turned 21. My senior year of college consisted of many happy hours. Whether we were just there to pregame or to complain about school, work, or boys, you could find us at Bill Bateman’s every Thursday from 4-7. I’ve learned that happy hours are a necessity in the real world. Here are five reasons why everyone should attend happy hour:

1. A study from Japan shows that moderate drinking and socializing is good for cardiovascular health. Take that treadmill! We all know it’s about moderation but come on, the word ‘happy‘ is in the phrase. The happier you are, the better you feel and the better you feel, the healthier you can be!

2. Laughter is the best medicine. Laughter releases endorphins, or the “feel good” chemical. The average person laugh about 17 times a day. Add some good company and good brews and you’ll be laughing your @$$ off to a healthier, happier you!

3. Aside from the health factors, happy hour is a major networking event for business. Many business transactions begin at happy hour because it’s casual and outside of the work place. An introduction, conversation, or question may open new doors for your career. Just be sure not to get white-girl-wasted and follow these networking tips.

4. For those people whose New Year’s resolution is that beach body 2013, listen up! Your muscles need an average of 48-72 hours to rest and recover post work out. Why not work on your biceps by lifting a 16 oz. beer the day after a nice leg work out? Since we talked about not getting sloshed at happy hour, you’ll be able to wake up Saturday and get in a nice morning workout.

5. Alcohol has health benefits! And no I’m not drunk. Studies show that alcohol can help fight belly fat, decrease risk for diabetes, and increases our brain flow. That’s it. I’m done. Game over. After reading that article, I just have no more to say.

Wait, no I lied, a couple more things, don’t drink and drive or as all the signs in Arizona say “Drive hammered, get nailed.” I honestly think Bob the Builder helped the state come up with their DUI prevention campaign. But just remember folks, you have a permanent meeting every Friday ay 5pm. Cheers!


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