Those are fighting words.

So on this Wednesday that felt like a Monday, I knew I was walking into high tensions. I have two bosses, the marketing director and the marketing coach. The three of us are working to build a marketing department for the company, who has never had a department in its five years. The power struggle (or the piss contest as I call it) between the coach and director would make for a great reality TV show – maybe the Real Marketers of Scottsdale or True Life: The battle of the bosses. 

Per usual, tensions ran high during our soft-touch meeting. I have strong feelings about the situation, hence why I’m not liking the Real World. During the confrontation, I was called upon to speak my feelings and I completely choked. I act all tough outside of work but when put on the spot, I completely bomb. I had so many things running through my head that I WANTED to say, but I could not because they were not “professional” or “appropriate.”

So I pose this question, how can one express their frustrations and feelings while keeping a professional and calm demeanor?

The coach and I are close. We developed this relationship because we have similar work ethics and creative ideas. She tells me to remain confident and come from a place of honesty. She wants me to stand my ground and not let others intimidate me. Another employee told me to keep a low profile and keep my head down. 

As I continue my journey in the Real World, I’ve decided I need to work on professional confrontation. My goal or solution is to combine both pieces of advice and stay away from the drama but when I’m brought into it, I need to professionally speak my mind, which it hard when a cuss word is every other word. 

I found this awesome article about preparing for confrontation. If I’m always prepared, how can I fail? However, preparing involves sorting through my feelings and thoughts instead of just expressing them via curse words or the stank eye. I’m also determined to use as many “I messages” as I can. My sixth grade guidance counselor would be oh so proud. 

Putting months of frustrations, feelings, fights and any other F words into just one confrontation is going to be hard but hopefully beneficial in the long run. Whenever this confrontation happens, I plan on video taping it and sending it to Dr. Drew. Until then, any suggestions, ideas, curse words in foreign languages, and encouragement are welcomed. 



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