East meets west, girl meets world

Happy 2013!

Allow me to reintroduce myself… I’ve decided to jump back into blogging so it’s time to dust off the writing skills and focus on a new theme for my blog. This blog used to feature my projects from my journalism classes in college. However, I recently graduated in May and after a long, depressing summer of not so funemployment, I moved from Wilmington, DE out to Scottsdale, AZ for a job as a marketing assistant for a mortgage company. That’s where my journey begins.

Dealing with my parents as they “dealt with separation issues” (AKA a lot of wine after screaming it out during the numerous family fight nights) and moving across the country are nothing compared to cut throat, backstabbing, political drama of the “Real World.” Lord knows how many cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. got me to this point but I got my current job through my best friend, which proves it’s not what you know, it’s who.

I’ve been in the “Real World” for about 5 months and as of right now, I hate it. College did not prepare me for the disappointment of unemployment to then being thrusted into the drama and politics of corporate America. This blog will now focus on my frustrations, experiences, rants, accomplishments, mistakes, and everything and anything dealing with how I am personally learning to make it in the “real world.”

Advice, stories, sangria recipes, and opinions are all welcome.


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