Conditioning Drills for Volleyball Teams

Before any volleyball team touches a volleyball during preseason, the team conditions to properly get in shape for the upcoming season. Conditioning does not only have to only be about running until one collapses on the floor or jumping until one cannot get off the ground again. Every volleyball player wants quick feet and a high jump. To get these skills, players must train their muscles using these two elements, strength and quickness.

To get strength and power for volleyball, hitting the weight room is the basic answer. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press are the ideal exercises for players. To become quicker, plyometric training is perfect. Plyometric training involves short, quick movements. Long distance running does not help volleyball players as well as plyometric training. Intense interval training involving running, walking, jogging, jumping, and emphasizing a change in direction (like in a game) is a great way to work on agility.

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