How to stretch properly before a volleyball game

Many volleyball players do not stretch properly before a game. First, players must warm up their muscles. Running, jogging,and  biking are good exercises to do so. Shoulders are very important when playing volleyball. Both setters and hitters use their shoulders several time during a game. Here are two important stretches to stretch your shoulders:

Table: (Muscles Targeted: Back, Shoulders)

Sit with your hands resting on the floor behind your hips. Push upwards thrusting your hips and abdomen towards the sky until your body forms a table with your limbs as legs and your stomach as a table top. Hold for a count of 15.

Wheel: (Muscles Targeted: Back, Shoulders, Hamstrings)

Lie on the ground with your palms against the floor on both sides of your head so that your elbows are pointed at the ceiling. Push upwards, thrusting your stomach and groin towards the ceiling and support your body with your arms and legs with your body in an arch shape.

Lastly, always stretch after a game so your muscle do not tighten up.

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