Photo shoot on TU Campus

The tiger is the symbol of school spirit at Towson.

A young lady smiles as the sun shines on a lovely Spring morning.

This photo is my favorite portrait picture because the nature in the background compliment’s the subject’s blonde her and blue sweatshirt. Also the tree balances out the subject, who is positioned to the right of the photo.

Towson students navigate through various construction sites while traveling the quickest way to class.

This photo of students walking is my favorite newsworthy photo because the lighting is great and having people walking on the left and right side of the picture adds balance. Construction has become an issue on campus and this photo sums up one of the problems, which is walking to class, caused by the construction sites.

One thought on “Photo shoot on TU Campus

  1. Nice job with these, Alex. I like that portrait of Morgan and I like the tiger photo a lot. You took a different angle than many people.

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