Live Tweets from Nutrition101

#nutrition101 – Deanna & Alicia give nutritional advice as peer educators for the Counseling Center

#nutrition101 helps people create a healthy eating plan including different foods and portion sizes

#nutrition101 Way to exercise on campus: the gym, intramurals, ride bike to class, take a walk, jog, or run, take the stairs.

#nutrition101 Icons on foods on campus help students decipher what is healthy and was is not.

#nutrition101 a pancake should be the size of a CD

#nutrition101 college students are mindless eaters due to time constraints and stress factors.

#nutrition101 mindless eating factors: time, stress, social eating, and multitasking

#nutrition101 what’s a mindless eater? they ignore cues about eating too much or too often

#nutrition101 mindfulness is about awareness.

#nutrition101 what is mindful eating? being aware

#nutrition101 the presentation will be given orally !

#nutrition101 An ethernet cord may perhaps save the day!

#nutrition101 Experiencing technical difficulties as lecturers try to coordinate projector and screen.

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