Q & A with Geoff Mosher

Geoff Mosher is a 33-year-old graduate of Penn State University, who now writes for The News Journal as a sport reporter. He primarily writes about the Philadelphia Eagles. During his time at PSU, Mosher majored in journalism and wrote for the Daily Collegian. After graduation, he began writing for a newspaper in central New Jersey called The Career News. He covered minor league baseball and high school sports during his six-year career at the paper. In 2005, Mosher became a sports reporter for The News Journal in Wilmington, Delaware. In the beginning, Mosher focused on the Philadelphia Phillies. However, currently he covers the Eagles. He prefers covering football because now he can actually watch baseball in the summertime and less traveling is involved. Traveling is difficult because he has a wife and a 13- month- old.

Geoff Mosher

Which type of social networking sites do you use?

Professionally I use Facebook, Twitter, I guess in a way both with of them share this, that application that links your blog to Facebook and twitter, so I thin k that’s considered a social networking vehicle. My blog at The News Journal, which I guess is considered a social networking thing, but mainly just Facebook and Twitter.

How were you introduced to social networking sites, such as twitter?

Just by word of mouth I knew they existed. I resisted twitter for a long time because at first I didn’t realize how significant it could be to marketing the news or our product. I was reluctant to even get on Facebook. I probably got on about a year to a year and a half ago, just as a personal thing. Then I noticed people in the business has used Facebook to put their blog up on it along with their personal stuff so I started linking blog to Facebook. And Then I noticed through word of mouth that a lot of people started using Twitter to get their news information out really fast. I use Twitter for business, I do not do much personal stuff on Twitter but Facebook I still do some personal stuff on.

How often do you use Twitter? Do you feel that it has benefited your career?

I use it practically every day. It has benefitted my career by expanding my readership and viewership, pulling followers from all around to my newspaper’s Web site while also marketing my name beyond the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley market.

How do you think social networking sites have impacted the media and journalism?

Social networking sites have allowed journalists and newspaper Web sites to broaden their readership and provide information faster and more efficiently to the masses.

What do you believe the future holds for journalism and social media?

Not sure about the future. I imagine that Twitter and similar social networking sites will eventually be overshadowed by newer, more efficient and more technologically advanced sites.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

I follow 250 people so probably Adam Caplan. He works for Scout.com and Sirius Satellite radio as a NFL analyst so he is helpful to follow.

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